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The Power of Imagination

August 20th, 2016

This fall, we are asking our viewers to experience a world created by the imaginations of contemporary artists. When you walk through the front door this season, you will enter a world created in the minds of some of the most engaging emerging artists in Canada today.

So, we ask, what is the power of imagination? Does it make you envision a world of Elsewheres and Magical Mystery Beards, as in Jay Dart’s Greetings from Yawnder! Does it allow you to disrupt the status quo and express individual experience, as in The Images in Our Heads? Does the freedom of the imagination transport you to a far away land, as in Robert Bourdeau’s Edge of the Visible, or does it take you right back home, as you experience Canadian landscape in Land, Sea & Air?

Imagination is key to our exhibitions as it is essential to the artist’s practices. By imagining alternate spaces, we can create new realities with which to forge identity and experiment with new ideas.

When you visit, we hope you will allow your mind to wander and be open as you experience the installations. You will have the opportunity to be both the viewer and the story-teller as you inhabit worlds filled with creativity and fueled by the most powerful material in the artist’s studio: imagination.

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