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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Their Stories: Poetry by Freda Jepson

This week’s Their Stories postings are both poems by the same person: Whitby native Freda Jepson. Freda submitted 5 poems, despite the limit of 2 submissions. She dropped them off in person, and her enthusiasm for the project was contagious. It’s always nice to see someone take an idea and run with it!

Freda Jepson received Honourable Mention for her poem Night Train. It, and one other submission, is included in the exhibition. Be sure to see them in person!

Portrait # 8 (above)

Jenny’s Dream


Before the day broke forth

with forty thieving winks to go,

I dreamed a dream.

A happiness dream it was;


Where I, a young girl,

looked up at the skky and

twirled a twirl.


My curls were bobbing

and heart a-throbbing

with happy beat.


For no certain reason

but that the season

caused my joy and

my skipping feet


And I made miniature

crop circles in the grass.


By: Freda Jepson



Portrait # 1

vintage portrait

Unidentified Portrait from the Thomas Bouckley Collection. Collection of The Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

The Writer


I will maintain my defiance

Allowing a runaway mind to

Seek out infinite realities.


No woeful citizen of a

Humdrum world, but

A resident of a wonderland

Rewriting my story.


Each chapter opens with

Creative dreams,

Opportunities occur on

Every page


Possibilities hide behind

Paragraphs, and

Laughter peeks from

Between the words.


By: Freda Jepson