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Monday, February 13, 2017

Art Lights My Fire – what exhibiting artists think of artmaking

In preparation of Durham Reach, we asked exhibiting artists to submit quotes that inspire them, resonate with them, or get their creative juices flowing. Here’s what we got back:


Ingrid Ruthig
“From fragments, we continue to rebuild the story of ourselves.”
“Imagine us in this incomplete story with the unknowable end.”
“Each generation should ask, What will you know of us?”

Jay Dart
“Take time fer ponderin’
and keep on wanderin’.

While the ponderers ponder
and the wonderers wonder,
the wanderers wander
and the plunderers plunder.”

Laura M. Hair
“Boundaries fade, dimensions alter and identities merge”

Edward Falkenberg
“Art Lights My Fire”
(A riff on the song from the 80’s Baby you Light my Fire.)

Karolina Baker
“When themes start showing up in artwork, take note…artists are like canaries in the coal mines.”
“Art that creates a conversation of any sort has served its purpose”

Olexander Wlasenko
“We see images through images we’ve already seen.”

Ruth Latimer
“When making art, always be a beginner.”

Jay McCarten
“I am continually humbled by nature”
“Nature is bigger than our human experience ”
“Within a seemingly indiscriminate collision of forms, a long established and powerful system of order emerges.”

Dani Crosby
“Evidence of the invisible.”

Judith Tinkl
TRA TAR RAT – you have to look!
tra tar rat – you have to look!

Jeff Morrison
“If inspiration is water, pray for rain”

Wes Peel
“Simply make meaning of the world in which you live.”
“Art is fuelled by both aspirations of grandeur and the mundane details of life.”

Sean McQuay
“If you walk around and around in circles, you circle and circle around.”
“I equate art making to hill walking; the more vigorous the climb the more rewarding the view.”
“If you don’t know what it is it must be art”.