Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please email


How often do the exhibitions change?

Our exhibitions are up for different amounts of time, ranging from two weeks to one year. Gallery spaces are changed throughout the year on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check out our exhibitions page to see how long a show will be on view and which shows will be accessible during your visit.

Do you accept research requests?

We are happy to fill research requests from both academic and non-academic researchers who are interested in the material housed in our library and archives. Please contact Sonya Jones at to make a request.

Do you buy artworks?

We are very rarely in a position to make purchases but feel free to reach out to us. Please contact Interim Senior Curator, Sonya Jones at

Do you accept programming proposals?

While we don’t solicit programming ideas through an open call format, we welcome inquiries and proposals from artists, arts workers, and community organizations who want to work with us on a program or event. Please note that our public programming is typically scheduled about six months in advance. Proposals will be assessed on a case by case basis according to our programming goals, upcoming schedule, and team capacity. Please reach out to Hannah Keating at if you want to share a programming idea.

Is photography allowed in the galleries?

Personal photography is permitted without flash. Wedding photography is arranged when weddings are arranged. For other types of photography in the gallery spaces, please contact Interim Senior Curator, Sonya Jones at

Can I exhibit my artwork at the RMG?

Our exhibitions are curated 1-3 years in advance and we do not solicit exhibition proposals through an open call format. The current mandate of Gallery A includes supporting the RBC Emerging Artist Residency exhibitions and creating community-engaged programming with local organizations and individuals. It is not currently an exhibiting space for local professional artists.

If you are looking for local exhibiting opportunities, check out local shops and galleries, including Cork and Bean and Arts and Culture in the Hall, which is a gallery space at City Hall that is always looking for new and emerging talent. The Oshawa Art Association is another great source of information if you’re looking for exhibition or networking opportunities.

Do you accept artwork or book donations?

We are no longer actively expanding the book collection. The Gallery may accept certain books about Canadian Art, and artworks, on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Interim Senior Curator, Sonya Jones at

Do you conduct valuations or appraisals of artwork?

As a public gallery, the RMG cannot provide values or appraisals, however, we recommend reaching out to Waddingtons, located in Toronto.

Do you restore artwork?

The RMG does not restore artwork. For restorations, we recommend contacting Marie-Eve Thibeault or Miriam Harris in Oshawa or Barry Briggs in Toronto.

Learning and Engagement

Do you book school programming?

Yes, we offer school programming as a field trip to the RMG or our instructors can visit your classroom. You can find more details here.

Do you offer art classes?

Yes, we offer art classes for kids and teens, as well as drop in programs such as OPG Sunday, and RMG Friday Studios. We do not offer adult or senior-specific art classes or workshops, but sign up for our online newsletter to be notified of any new programs.

Do you offer art workshops for adults and seniors?

You can check out our Events Calendar for one-off workshop opportunities. The RMG also offers art workshops for adult groups through our Groups and Tours programming. In these bookings, a private art activity is paired with an exhibition tour. You can read more about our group offerings here. Booking inquiries can be made through the online form on that page.

What types of art camps do you run?

We run Summer Camp, March Break Camp and some PA Day Camps. More details can be found here.

How do you register for art classes? How do you accept payment?

You can register and pay for art classes on our website, over the phone or in person. Please contact Manager, Learning and Engagement, Jennifer Welch at

Do you offer art workshops for Guides and Scouts?

Yes, you can find more details here. To book an activity please contact the Learning Team at for more information.

Do you offer art tutoring?

The RMG does not offer art tutoring.

Do you need volunteers or art instructors?

Yes, we accept applications year-round. More info on volunteer opportunities can be found here. More details on the art instructor position can be found here.

Do you do birthday parties?

No, the RMG does not host birthday parties.

Do you offer art classes for adults?

Currently, we do not offer adult classes. Our wonderful art partners in Durham Region have a range of classes for adults in their annual offerings. Please check out the Visual Art Centre of Clarington, Station Gallery, and the City of Oshawa!

Front of House

Do you accept donations?

Yes! You can make a donation at the gallery or here on our website.

Can the gallery be used for film or television?

Yes, please contact Events and Venue Rentals Lead, Carole Blackburn at for more details.

Do you need volunteers for the Shop?

Yes, we accept applications year-round. More info on volunteer opportunities can be found here.